Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's really winter

It's snowing again. Yesterday it stopped for a little bit. But it's snowing again. Another 3-5 inches tomorrow,says the weather report. One of the things that's been really hard for me to adjust to is how life just goes on when it snows. This would close schools where I come from in Virginia! Regardless, I'm surviving. Complaining, but surviving. I used my Starbucks rewards for a free venti Chestnut Praline Latte on Friday while I worked on paperwork for work. And yesterday I went to run club and survived six snowy miles. My legs are definitely not used to slushy roads!

A few pictures from Friday:

In this picture, he's saying "mom, stop taking pictures so we can go for a walk!"

This was on Friday morning and it continued to snow all day Friday...

In this picture, he's saying "mom, stop taking pictures so we can go back inside!"

Bundled up for a cold and snowy run Saturday morning!

Friday was also the first hockey game of the season. Definitely feels like winter! Other fun events of the weekend included the New Pornographers concert (which, mom, I promise has nothing to do with pornography!) and the church craft fair. The woman I learned to knit from had a booth with some quilting and embroidery that her and her husband made.

I also finally made the lunch box I planned on making in August or so. I'm in love! 

Love this fabric!

Velcro closure on the inside.

The outer material is a laminated cotton and the inner material is PUL. There is a layer of insulated batting, so it will keep lunch at the appropriate temperature. The lining is waterpoof and the whole thing is machine washable, so it will be easy to clean if I do spill anything. I made this using my go-to basic bag formula (it's not really a pattern, per se.) I'm hoping to post a tutorial over my winter break!

The other exciting thing was that this box came in the mail :)

But more about that at a later date!

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