Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Our tree is up and decorated. We have some great new ornaments this year :)  And a stocking that one of my students made for me is hanging on our mantle. The shopping and crafting are finally done. I may have made four stops for additional craft supplies in the past week. (On a side note, did you know that Home Depot's website will not only tell you if something is in stock, but also what aisle it's in? Very helpful!) The presents are all wrapped. I think we're in the home stretch! Ready for Christmas tomorrow, but definitely still have some packing to do before leaving to visit my parents this weekend. But one step at a time, right?

One of my students made this!

It's been a good week. First, there is nothing is wrong with my car! Which is always good news. Whew. I finished the scarf I've been working on intermittently for months now. The yarn is a lovely silk/bamboo blend. I'll have pictures of it later :) And I gave myself another fun, festive manicure. 

This week I'm very thankful for friends and family. Last Friday evening and again Saturday morning at run club I got to catch up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while. I'm feeling very inspired by several in this one group of friends who have decided to change careers or take another similar major leap after years of doing something else. Going back to school in a completely different field, opening up their own business, etc. It's really quite amazing. Monday evening was the alumni dinner for the high school group at our church that J has been advising for several years now. Even though I've never been "officially" a leader, I really feel like I've watched these kids grow into young adults and it's so great to see them again and hear what they're up to.  Last night was the annual Christmas Eve Eve party with a different group of friends. We do a Secret Santa Exchange and the present I got this year was awesome!

Yup. That's yarn and festive socks packaged up to look like a wreath. So cute! We also got a nice little package of chocolate dipped treats AND another baggie of homemade doggie treats for Conway from another friend. So sweet and thoughtful :) I'm very grateful for all the friends I've made here!

Took this picture on my run this morning. Yes, folks, it was 58* in Cleveland on Christmas Eve. Crazy!  Now we're hanging out with J's family.  Conway is currently running around, barking and trying to get a bite of the beef brisket. :) We'll be going to church later and then having our big Christmas celebration tomorrow morning.  Looking forward to it! And also very much looking forward to seeing my parents in a few days!

What holiday traditions do you look forward to?

Happy Holidays to everyone out there!


  1. I love the ornament, the stocking and your cute little headband. So fun!

    Christmas is always filled with so.much. joy and giving. I love that. And who can blame Conway? Sheesh. Share with the guy rather than torturing him. So.rude.

  2. Thank you :) and I agree! Love that, too.

    We may have "accidentally" dropped a little brisket for the pup... ;)